Championing parent communities

Affordable custom apps for community groups with push notifications and ecommerce

Everything you need to build and sustain

a thriving community.

PlanSocial was previously known as PTAsocial.

Private members community

Your own private members community, a fantastic and secure alternative social media.

Messaging and Attachments

Share your news and send out attachments

to members easily

Class and Committee Groups

Create groups for each group or committee.

A great alternative to social media eg Whatsapp, Facebook Groups.

Receive Donations

Easily and securely accept donations via the Stripe gateway, paid into your community's bank account.

List Events

List upcoming events, choosing from ready-to-go templates.

Volunteer Opportunities

List specific instructions on how people can help,

and how many people you need.

A private online community

with built-in collaboration tools

PlanSocial provides a private app where your members can connect safely and receive your communications.