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PlanSocial was previously known as PTAsocial.

Private members community

Your own private community hub for parents at your school, a fantastic and secure alternative social media.

Messaging and Attachments

Share your news and send out attachments to members easily on the hub's message walls.

Unlike newsletters, you can have a two-way conversation so everyone can contribute their ideas.

Class and Committee Groups

Create groups for each class or committee so members can effortlessly connect and collaborate online.

Receive Donations

Easily and securely accept donations via the Stripe gateway, paid into your school or PTA bank account. Discounted transaction rates are available for non-profits.

Manage Events & Tickets

List upcoming school or fundraising events, choosing from ready-to-go templates. Enable RSVPs or sell tickets online. Delegate by assigning managers to events.

Volunteer Opportunities

List instructions on how people can help, and how many people you need. Parents can sign up directly or be assigned as helpers, and it's all updated in realtime .

A private online community

with built-in collaboration tools

PlanSocial provides a private online community where parents in your school can safely connect with parents in their kids' classes.

All-in-one Solution

With built-in event planning tools, email contact list, volunteer signups, delegating tasks, class message walls, private messaging and online ticket sales -- PlanSocial is an all-in-one solution for your school parent communications.

Private & Secure

Rest assured that data protection, security and privacy are our priorities, so your data is in safe hands and all interactions are permission-based. 

Easy for Novices

It takes just minutes to set up, and does not require any technical know-how.

Create your private online community hub today and see the difference PlanSocial makes to your school! 

Learn about what's involved in launching PlanSocial here.

Mehmood used PlanSocial to get more ambitious with events!

PlanSocial has completely transformed the way we run events. It's enabled the committee to be more ambitious about what we do, set up a direct channel of communication with parents, and made our events more fun for everyone concerned. Our record for a single event is 84 which makes for such a lovely atmosphere. Many hands do indeed make light work!

Mehmood, PTA Secretary

Snaresbrook PTA | London, UK 

Anne found PlanSocial invaluable for organising events!

We are more than happy to subscribe – PlanSocial has been invaluable to us since we started using it so we would be very sorry to lose it now.

Anne, PTA Treasurer

Princethorpe PTA | Rugby, UK 

Kam used PlanSocial to sell tickets to PTA events

The new features within the ticketing function have really helped us with organising events and obtaining all required information in good time. This is cutting down on manual intervention which is always welcome news for volunteers!

Kam, PTA Treasurer

Garden Fields School Association | St Albans, UK 

Sarah used PlanSocial to receive online donations securely

It's been great working with Tes and PlanSocial to help us create an online parent community. We recently launched our annual fundraising appeal through the platform, and the donation experience has been seamless for donors. PlanSocial's donation reports let us instantly see money coming in, and funds are securely transferred straight into our PTA bank account via Stripe within 2-3 days of payment. I highly recommend PlanSocial to other PTAs as an easy and reliable way to receive donations.

Sarah, PTA President

MS 447 PTA | Brooklyn, NY 

Beth used PlanSocial to showcase the mission of her PTA to her fellow high school parents. 

With PlanSocial we now have a way to represent our PTA in its best light, communicating with parents easily to show them what we are doing, and helping more people to get involved, even if they are busy.

Beth, PTA Co-President

HSEF PTA | Manhattan, NY 

Caroline used PlanSocial to build an inclusive community at her newly launched school.

With PlanSocial people feel included, everything is transparent so anyone can get involved... they have all the information and opportunities available to them. We’ve many more volunteers, so we know it helps people decide to get involved! Without a doubt, thanks to PlanSocial, we now have a more inclusive community.

Caroline, PTA Committee

SR Academy PTA | UK 

Lisa used PlanSocial to help busy parents chip in with a little help.

 People want to use their phone to get stuff done, reply to a quick email, or use social media like Facebook. This is the way people do things now, and PlanSocial helps our PTA connect to people in a way that suits them. This also took a load of pressure off our committee as the volunteers could sign themselves up to slots without us having to coordinate it for them.

Lisa, PTA Committee

Decoy Primary PTA | UK 


Building an active school community is hard.

PlanSocial makes it easier. 

Your Community Hub will transform the way you communicate with parents at your school. Parents will love how easy it is to connect with other parents in their class, or get updates from their teacher. Those who have never volunteered before will feel comfortable helping a little at events, when they see how easy it is to pick a specific task.

PTA committee members and staff will save a ton of planning time, and no longer worry when they need volunteers. Your school principal will love it because it increases parental involvement, and provides a private and safe online environment. As a result, your school culture becomes more inviting, more inclusive and more community-oriented.

Start building a strong school community today.

No credit card required to create your free Payments Hub to handle tickets and online donations.

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