About PlanSocial

We are a mission-driven business supporting schools and school parents across the globe to collaborate and fundraise.

School families - now more than ever - need a way to stay in touch with their community and support one another.

We make it easier to turn good intentions into good deeds, so that absolutely anyone can play a part and make a positive contribution to their school community.

Our platform, PlanSocial, provides a private online hub for your school parents. It offers a secure way to connect, volunteer and donate, as well as purchase fundraising merchandise and event tickets to help your school to thrive.

It's fully GDPR-compliant, and serves your school's needs much better than other popular social media networks. What's more, it can be managed independently by the PTA, taking administration burdens away from the school office and offering a moderated, safe way for parents to communicate.

Tell your school about PlanSocial today!