Christmas Grotto - just the ticket!

A PlanSocial Case Study

Santa’s Grotto is a popular attraction at the Bernards Heath annual Christmas Fair, and this year the committee decided to sell ticketed slots for the grotto via PTAsocial. We caught up with PTA Chair Anne after the fair to find out how it went.

This was a prime example of an active PTA that did not suffer from a lack of volunteers, but using PlanSocial freed up so much time for the volunteer coordinators by allowing the volunteers and ticket purchasers to choose their own timeslots online, and got rid of the tedious paper trail.

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Volunteers wrapping gifts for Santa's Grotto

Tell us about your school

Our school is Bernards Heath Primary is in Hertfordshire. We've been using PlanSocial for a while and it's been really useful for increasing volunteer numbers for our regular events.

How did you use PlanSocial's ticketing feature?

We used PlanSocial to sell tickets for Santa's grotto this year. We sell around 300 tickets each year, and everyone is allocated a specific 10 minute time slot. 

How did you find it as a tool for selling tickets?

This was our first time selling tickets online, and we found the set-up pretty smooth.

All parents were aware of PlanSocial anyway as we use it to enlist volunteers for events. We made sure they knew where to buy the grotto tickets by sending an email containing all the relevant details, and we also put reminders in the weekly newsletter. 

How did it compare with the way you normally used to sell tickets?

Selling tickets for the grotto via PlanSocial cut down the admin work for us almost completely. In previous years it has been a very time-consuming task - collecting reply slips and money, allocating time slots to all children and then communicating this back to parents.  

Were there any other benefits to using PlanSocial?

Yes actually! Another benefit was that parents had to sign up for PlanSocial in order to get grotto tickets (that's the way we set it up, as members-only), so I think it encouraged more people to volunteer to help at the fair too. We had 40-50 volunteers sign up to help out in one weekend! We were delighted :)

Overall was it a good experience? Would you use PlanSocial again for selling PTA tickets?

Absolutely! We will definitely use this feature again next year! The fair went really well, and everyone commented that they felt that it ran really smoothly - I'm sure that's due to PlanSocial and the fact that we can put all the details of the fair and individual stalls on to it. People sign up and immediately know where they are going and what they are doing!

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