Community Hub

Once your PTA committee members have discovered the great features in your free Payment Hub, you might find yourselves wishing more parents could join as members and start volunteering and interacting in groups. For a modest annual fee, you could upgrade your hub to a Community Hub for 500 or 800 members, and reap the benefits of a connected school community, both online and offline.

Member Invite/Join

Members can self-register and be approved, or invite other members, to help your community grow and flourish rapidly. Once registered, they can easily volunteer, respond to messages, RSVP and join private groups.

Event Templates

Use our built-in event templates to inspire you with ideas for PTA events, crowdsourcing fabulous tried and tested ideas from thousands of PTAs.

Sell Tickets & Merchandise

Now it's easy-peasy to sell tickets to your PTA events and take online orders for hoodies and PTA merch. Pre-sell food and drink to get paid up front! Easily message all ticket-holders.


Parent to parent messaging, while still shielding email addresses. Easy opt-outs to protect privacy. Use the Message Walls to post news and event announcements to all members, or just volunteers or ticket-holders.

Volunteer & Delegate

Built for delegation, PlanSocial's powerful event planning features help you break down responsibilities by Event Manager, Activity Manager and individual volunteers.

Group Pages

Add private pages for each PTA sub-committee, ideal for knowledge transfer and rapid handover. Also create pages for each class so that parents can connect with other class parents easily.

Private Events & RSVPs

You can create events that are only visible to members, or just require RSVP rather than necessarily selling tickets.


Make it easy for parents to donate to your non-profit. We'll get you set up with a Stripe account to receive funds directly, fast and secure.

Start building a strong school community today