How to Launch PlanSocial

Want to build a thriving school community, both online and offline?

Follow these guidelines to successfully launch your PlanSocial Community Hub!

(For a simple payments hub just to sell event tickets, no need to download flyers and promote registrations. Just follow these instructions here.)

Start your free community

If you don't already have one set up for your school, start a free private community hub here. It only takes a couple of minutes and it's ready to go!

Add your next event(s)

Create your next event, or even several, using our built-in event templates or create your own. Assign managers to your events. Add any volunteer opportunities and RSVPs if you need them.

Set up tickets and donations

Need to sell tickets or handle online donations? Connect an existing Stripe account, or create one on the fly in PlanSocial. Add your ticket types and prices, set a maximum ticket limit if required. Add a form to collect any extra information you need. Set your donation page up in minutes.

Add a register button

From your Manage page in the hub, go to Settings to get a code snippet to get a PlanSocial register/login button with your hub's unique link. The button will look like this:

PlanSocial Logo and login button

Ask the school to add this button to their website, and add it to your PTA website if you have one. This will make it easy for any new parents to find it and join the hub and log in anytime. You can also add your unique registration link to the About page on your social media accounts.

Announce the launch

Use any current channels to let parents know that you're launching a new private community hub for your school on PlanSocial. Use these launch flyers and send them via your school email newsletter, post them on social media, print them and send home with the kids. Hold a fun launch event if you can, perhaps offering a small prize for a lucky registrant.

Invite members

If you already have some names and email addresses, you can start inviting people directly, and encourage them to invite others they know. We can also upload a spreadsheet of names and emails for you if you send it to our support team.

Promote your next event

Share the link for your next event and get people signing up to RSVP, volunteer or just buy their tickets. This can be a very effective way to get lots of people registered quickly, or they can just check out as guests if you do not make registration mandatory.

Good luck with your launch!

Check out these launch tips here, along with launch materials.

Remember: PlanSocial hubs are free for up to 100 active members, but guest checkouts don't use up your free member limit.

So set up your free hub today and get your PTA online, sell tickets and bring in donations!

If you like our free hub, might want to upgrade, with class and committee group pages for full online collaboration.

Contact our support team if you need further advice. We're here to help.