PlanSocial Launch Flyers

Download and share these posters to introduce PlanSocial to your school

You can download all these launch materials in one convenient zip file here.

Share this digital flyer online

You can download this flyer and edit it to add your school's unique registration code. It is a png file, so you can do this using any picture editing app like MS Paint or Mac Preview.

Then save the new file and send it to parents via email, or post it on social media.

You can also download this QR code image and place it on your own flyers or web pages. It will open the general registration web page, so make sure you provide parents with the right school code to enter in the box.

Print this flyer

If you are printing off a flyer, you may want to use a simpler version with a smaller image. Download a printer-friendly flyer here.

Print multiple flyers per page

Download one of these files with 4 flyers per page. (Don't forget to edit the school code first. )

A4 Size: 4 flyers per page

US Letter: 4 flyers per page

Alternatively just print one copy, hand-write the code on each section, then make copies of that page.

Sample wording for your announcement email

Spreadsheet template to bulk-invite new members

Download this template to bulk-invite new members to PlanSocial. Send your completed file to our support team.

Good luck with your launch!

Here are the instructions on how to launch, along with a few extra launch tips.

Contact our support team if you need further advice. We're here to help!