Tips for a successful PlanSocial launch

Remember these guidelines - they will help you grow a strong school community both online and offline!

Launch PlanSocial enthusiastically

Never introduce PlanSocial to parents by saying you are ‘trialing’ it.

Why would they bother registering if it may not be around long?

Keep PlanSocial up to date

There's not much worse than an empty events list! Parents would like to know what's coming up, so they can plan ahead. Make this a reliable port of call for them, and they will then start to rely on it.

Explain why your committee members should join

Help them understand that the hub will be more convenient for parents, and will therefore lead to more volunteers, less paperwork and a more sustainable PTA.

Empower your core team to take ownership

Invite your regular supporters and assign them as event managers, so they can continue to lead their own events effectively using PlanSocial. They will enjoy the freedom it brings!

Put a PlanSocial button on your website

This will make sure that PlanSocial is easy to find and join or log in, even as new parents join the school later on. You can find details of how to do this on your Manage page in the app.

Set up your class groups and committee groups

Make sure you have published these groups ready for when people join, so they can find each other and get discussions and chats going in their group pages.

Use PlanSocial as your main communication tool

People resist change, so if you give them multiple ways to stay in the loop, you'll get a slower take-up. Give headline news elsewhere, but have people come to PlanSocial for the full details, and to reply.

Send out a school-wide launch announcement

Include the registration link, and also encourage people to invite their partner and other friends at school. Check out our launch resources here.

Explain why parents should join

Let parents know it's how they will hear from the PTA from now on, and where they can easily connect with other parents. Volunteering is welcome, but optional!

Take the opportunity to collect email addresses at all events

Keep collecting names and email addresses at meetings and events. Ask your class/grade reps to collect details from parents so they can be added to the community and their class groups.

Encourage people to take action directly

Sometimes people are worried it will be too technical for them, or they say 'put me down for something'.

Show them how easy it is to RSVP or volunteer themselves. Otherwise you will find yourself as busy as ever!

Good luck with your launch!

Here are instructions on how to launch, along with launch materials.

Contact our support team if you need further advice. We're here to help!