Pre-Sell Tickets for Your Summer Fair

It's that time of year again! Time to start planning the summer fair. This is always a fun event for the whole community, but it takes a lot of work to put together. One way to make things a little easier is to pre-sell tickets. This will help you cover some of the costs and ensure that everyone has a great time. Keep reading for step-by-step instructions on how to get started.

Step 1: Create a free Hub for your school

Click here to sign up for your free hub if you don't have one already.

Step 2: Add a new event using our Summer Fair template

Enter a title and select Summer Fair (tickets, pre-sold food & drink) from the dropdown, then select 'Go'.

Select ‘Sell online tickets’ and click the link to connect your payment account.

You'll first be prompted to connect to your existing Stripe account. Don’t worry if you currently don’t have one because an account can be created online in minutes here by following the prompted instructions that will follow.

You will need to provide your PTA's bank details and a contact person. (If you also provide proof of your PTA's charity status you can benefit from reduced-rate Stripe fees.)

Step 3: Add the tickets and items you'd like to sell

Next up our template has it set for you to sell entry tickets.  A popular feature is the ability to also pre-sell additional items online like food, drink and raffle tickets, pretty much anything you can think of. In this template we are also showing you how to sell games tokens in advance, that can be used at any of the fair's attractions.

With our easy to use website, you can edit the price, dates when tickets can be purchased and a maximum available quantity (if any), for each entry ticket type, or across the whole event if you need to enforce a limit on total attendees.

We've set up some example items for purchasing tokens for games in the amount of 5 or 10 tokens for £1 and £2 respectively. This may encourage people to buy more tokens up front for maximum fun for all the family.

Once paid for in advance, you can either distribute these tickets and tokens via the child's class/book bags or ask people to show their receipt at the entrance to the fair and be ready to hand out tokens to those who have paid for them.

You can also pre-sell food so you just collect tokens or verify via receipt at the food stalls and save time and hassle rather than hunting for change, handling cash or needing expensive card readers.

It's easy to collect information when selling tickets. With all the usual questions added at a flick of a switch, we’ve got you covered with our incredibly flexible form-building capability. Ask for details like child's name, class or allergy info. You can create forms for the entry tickets and for any of the other items you will pre-sell.

Step 4: Invite and assign any event organisers and add tasks

This system is the perfect solution to help you manage your Summer Fair tasks with ease. With PlanSocial, up to 20 core organisers can carry out tasks. You can delegate them accordingly by assigning volunteers or managers as needed for each task or you can include detailed descriptions, including how long a volunteer is needed. This way parents can feel comfortable choosing a task that they can handle without feeling pressured.

Don’t fret if you have more than 20 volunteers. If you upgrade to the paid Community Hub plan, you can open up volunteering opportunities to all parents. If this is the route you choose please use the event template that says Summer Fair (with volunteers). This upgraded template will include volunteering activities.

Step 5: Add the event date to publish it, and share the link

You’ve made it to the last step. Simply edit the date by clicking 'Edit' at the top right hand side of your screen and enter the details.

We’ve covered the basics of how to sell tickets and tokens for your school PTA event. Are you all set for an amazing Summer Fair?

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