PTA Christmas Gift Shop:

A Great Idea!

Are you thinking of having a PTA Christmas gift shop? Stop thinking about it and do it! 

It's a great way to get the children excited about the holiday season. They will feel grown up because they can do their own shopping for gifts for their family, teachers and friends. 

Make it a cashless event by having parents pre-pay online. This way there will be no worries about children losing money and volunteers won’t have the stress of collecting money and making change. Parents just need their smartphones and they can pre-pay for their kids to shop in the gift shop. 

A good idea is to send the children in by class. On the day of the event simply print off a list by class of what each child has available to spend and voila no tears of lost money!

Some great ideas of things to sell are Christmas ornaments, themed mugs, candles, cool picture frames, books, toys and of course….chocolates and sweets!

The PTA Christmas gift shop is a wonderful way to raise money for your school and everyone involved will have fun participating. Just follow the steps outlined here to set up your cash-free event.

Step 1: Create a free Hub for your school

Click here to sign up for your free hub.

Step 2: Add a new event using our ‘Christmas Gift Shop’ template 

Click the ‘Add Event’ button and enter a title then select ‘Christmas Gift Shop’ from the dropdown, and select 'Go'.

Next select ‘Sell online tickets’ and click the link to connect your payment account.

You'll first be prompted to connect to your existing Stripe account. Click the 'Connect with Stripe' button to proceed. Don’t worry if you currently don’t have one because an account can be created online in minutes here - simply follow the instructions that follow. You will need to provide your PTA's bank details, and a contact person. (If you also provide proof of your PTA's charity status you can benefit from reduced-rate Stripe fees.)

Step 3: Add the tickets and items you’d like to sell

Next up under the 'Edit' tab, our template has it set for you to sell entry tickets or items. You can add payment options for parents to add money for their children to shop- do this under 'Items'.

You can have 1 set amount for all children to spend the same or different amounts - the choice is yours. Enter the details and you can even add an image to make your listing visually appealing.

With our friendly user interface, you can edit the price, dates when tickets/items can be purchased and a maximum available quantity (if any), for each ticket type or item.

Next on the Forms tab you can collect information for the purchase such as Child’s Name, Class, Allergies, Emergency Contact details etc. We have pre-built form templates that you can edit or you can create your own.

Step 4: Add tasks for volunteers

This system is the perfect solution to help you manage your Christmas Gift Shop tasks with ease. With PlanSocial, up to 20 core organisers can carry out any task they feel comfortable with. Don’t worry if you have more than 20 volunteers. If you upgrade to the paid Community Hub plan, you can open up volunteering opportunities to all parents.

In this template we have some tasks pre-loaded for you. You can click 'Edit' to customise them to your liking or Click ‘Add Task’ to create new tasks or additional items from scratch.

Step 5: Add the event date to publish it, and share the link

Click ‘Edit’ to edit the date and add in details, then share it with parents in your school so they can add money for their children to shop safely using their debit or credit card from any device. 

Excited about this? Well so are we!  The PTA Christmas Gift Shop is an important fundraiser for the school and now there will be no guessing about how much you will raise with all of the money being paid upfront. Now you’ve set up your online system so get out there and start collecting gifts to sell. Happy Holidays! 

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