How to set up your PTA to receive online donations

Follow these steps to set up a free and secure online site to start receiving PTA donations within 10 minutes.

1. Set up a free account for your school community

Start a free PlanSocial Payments Hub in just 2 minutes. Enter the name of your school and PTA, and where it is located.

2. Click on the Donate button

You'll be prompted to set up your donations for the first time. Click the 'Set up donations' button to do so.

3. Create a new Stripe account or connect an existing one

Stripe is a world renowned payment gateway that handles your transaction securely and reliably. You will need to provide your PTA's bank details, a contact person and also proof of your PTA's charity status if you'd like to benefit from reduced-rate fees. (Who wouldn't, right?!)

4. Tailor and activate your donations facility

Choose a brief welcome message, and add some suggested donation amounts, then activate your donations page.

5. Share the link to your Donate page

Now share this secure link with any potential donors. Donors can also opt to cover the processing fee, so your PTA is often unaffected by these. Finally, donors may also indicate whether their company offers corporate matching. All these details are captured in an instant report on your Manage page, making it incredibly easy for you to maximize your PTA's fundraising campaign.

Trusted by PTAs

Sarah Kelly

PTA President

MS 447 PTA, Brooklyn

“It's been great working with Tes and PlanSocial to help us create an online parent community. We recently launched our annual fundraising appeal through the platform, and the donation experience has been seamless for donors.

PlanSocial's donation reports let us instantly see money coming in, and funds are securely transferred straight into our PTA bank account via Stripe within 2-3 days of payment. I highly recommend PlanSocial to other PTAs as an easy and reliable way to receive donations.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you hold credit card details for the donors?

No. The checkout is processed through the secure Stripe payment gateway without exposing or storing any credit or debit card details on our system. We only keep records of the person who donated, including their name, email address, amount donated, whether they opted to pay the processing fees, and any corporate matching information.

How long are the funds held for before being transferred to our PTA bank account?

Your Stripe dashboard will show you pending donations immediately and typically pays out lump sums with 2-3 working days on a rolling basis. This significantly reduces the risk of fraud as the funds are not held for any significant length of time, and are paid directly into your verified account.

Are there fees for these transactions?

There is no annual fee required to process donations, just a small transactional platform fee plus standard Stripe gateway fees. (Verified non-profits can get the reduced rate.)

All donors can optionally pay the processing fee as part of their donation. Reduced platform fees are also available with a paid hub subscription, and may be the best option for your PTA. If you are unsure, we are happy to help you to determine the right fit for your PTA, and tell you more about the fantastic features that come with your hub.

Where are the schools that use PlanSocial for donations located?

Schools that use our donation and event ticketing features are mainly based in the US and UK, but we can handle online transactions for schools in any country that is supported by the Stripe payment gateway. Supported currencies include USD, GBP, Euro and many others as listed here.

Can we also sell tickets for events or sell products online?

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