The Ultimate Exam Revision Planner

School parents and teachers - listen up! Are your kids dangerously drifting towards GCSE or A-Level exam time in a sleepy dreamlike state, or worse, are they panicking completely about the oodles of material they need to cover, and have no idea where to get started?

Fret not! We have the perfect tool in our arsenal -- the Ultimate Exam Revision Planner!!

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Donnie has just discovered our Ultimate Exam Revision Planning Spreadsheet (Giphy)

This revision planning spreadsheet is absolutely free (no catch!) and has been battle-tested to the full to result in exam results that went beyond students' wildest dreams.

Not only does it help the lucky student to map out all the material they need to cover, but also gets them to estimate the total revision time required in a granular way to build an accurate cumulative total.

The newly-triumphant student will be guided to plan their revision schedule in full detail, and easily adapt it as they go. They will know exactly where they stand, and how much progress they have made at every step!

Half the stress of exams is feeling like there is a never-ending mountain of work to cover. With this fantastic exam revision planner, they'll feel lighter with every step forward.

Once they use it, they will wonder how on earth people without this incredible exam revision planning tool even manage their day to day existence. It's the answer to their prayers.

Get your own free copy of this amazing exam revision planner now, and share it with your child or student asap! They'll thank you for it :)

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You'll be directed to a public read-only Google spreadsheet, and you can create your own copy!

How to use the Ultimate Exam Revision Planner

Ok here we go - you are about to become a pro at exam revision planning!

Open up the google spreadsheet above, make your own copy (you'll need to be logged into Google to do this)

First, go to the Schedule tab. Double-click to edit the dates at the top, to set your revision start date and exam start date. This will work out how many days of revision you have in total till your exams start.

Now figure out how many hours you plan to revise on weekdays and weekends.

This will figure out how many hours of revision time you are planning for, and show it like this:

Next edit the subjects listed, and the topics for each subject. You may need to copy and paste more rows, or remove some (do this from the middle of the section).

Make sure you click the plus on the left hand side to expand out the rows for each subject.

Change the topics (column B) to suit your subjects and course topics.

Now in column D, set the number of hours you anticipate it will take you to revise each topic. Give a little extra time for topics you find tricky.

Depending on how close you are to exam time, you'll be able to give more or less time to each topic in order to cover all the material. Repeat for each subject. Delete any rows you don't need for extra subjects.

Now you'll see a total at the top of each subject and a grand total of all the revision time you'll need across all your subjects. This is your first estimate, but you can adjust it as you go, if you have been too stingy or generous.

Of course if things are taking longer than you anticipated, this is a good early warning sign that you need to increase your estimates across the board.

Check how much time you have remaining... is there enough time to cover all your topics?

In this example, the grand total is 112.75 hours, and the time remaining is 140 hours, so there is a little leeway.

If you don't have enough time, you can increase the number of hours you'll revise for on weekends and weekdays to increase your time remaining.

You can also change the amount of time you've allocated to each topic if you are short of time, either reduce it to get more topics done, or change it to zero if you decide to skip the topic.

As you change the status to Done on each topic, the totals will be updated automatically and you'll see what % of your revision is completed. The purple bit at the top adds it up across all your subjects.

You'll be able to track your progress pretty accurately. We've also suggested dates you can aim for, to complete milestones like 25%, 50%, 75% progress, and stay on track. We've based this around the number of days left until your exams start, but you can edit these as you see fit.

Why not promise yourself a little reward for achieving each milestone as an incentive?

There you go!

Now you know exactly where you stand when it comes to revision for all your subjects.

We hope this helps you to stay focused and in control. Don't panic, and have regular breaks to stretch or exercise, and take a breath. Exams can at times be stressful, but a bit of structure can make all the difference to map out your path to success.

Remember though - nothing is more important than looking after your mental health. Best of luck! You'll smash it :)

PS Cannot actually believe this is a free tool? I don't blame you! If you love it so much that you want to tweet about it, you go right on ahead ;)

You'll be joining our parents mailing list with occasional revision tips and blogs for parents to support their child's education. You can unsubscribe any time :)

You'll be directed to a public read-only Google spreadsheet, and you can create your own copy!

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