7 Steps to Sell More Santa's Grotto Tickets This Year

Do you want to get more people through your PTA Santa’s Grotto door this year? If you're a parent, teacher or PTA member, you'll want to read on. Santa's Grotto is a brilliant way for schools to raise money and bring Christmas joy into the school.

You may be wondering how to sell tickets for Santa’s Grotto. This blog post will walk you through the steps of selling your tickets online with PlanSocial.

Ready? Let's get started…

Step 1: Create a free Hub for your school

Click here to sign up for your free hub.

Step 2: Add a new event using our 'Santa's Grotto' template

Click ‘Add Event’ and then enter a title and select ‘Santa’s Grotto’’ from the dropdown, then select 'Go'.

Step 3: Connect your payment account

Select ‘Sell online tickets’ and click the link to connect your payment account.

You'll first be prompted to connect to your existing Stripe account - select ‘Yes’ if you already have an account. Don’t worry if you don’t, you can just create a new one here in minutes - simply select ‘No’ and follow the instructions. You will need to provide your PTA's bank details and a contact person. (You can also provide proof of your PTA's charity status to benefit from reduced-rate Stripe fees.)

Step 4: Create tickets to sell for specific time slots to meet Santa

Create a ticket under ‘Edit Tickets’ for parents to reserve a time slot for their child to meet Santa. Each ticket should have a different time slot and you should set a max limit of 1 for each slot to avoid any double bookings. If you are having two “Santas” then you can set the max limit to 2 and sell 2 tickets for each time slot.  

Under ‘Items’  you can add any additional items you would like to sell at the grotto and you can even add pictures to display what’s being sold.  For example we have added an item for selling hot chocolate with marshmallows and included a picture.

Step 5: Edit the ‘Forms’ tab to collect data for entry

Our forms can be customised to include any information you require at the time of purchase. Simply toggle on the fields you want to include or add any custom question that you would like if it is not already listed.

Step 6: Add tasks for volunteers to choose from

We make it simple for parents and even school staff to volunteer with our pre-loaded tasks that you can edit to make your own. Parents can easily tick the box on a task they would like to volunteer for.

Step 7: Add a date and publish to make the event live

Just like that you’re all set and ready to start selling those Santa’s Grotto tickets.  Simply click ‘Edit’ enter the details and then click ‘Share” to share the link.

It’s the holiday season and everyone will be busy preparing for Christmas. One way to eliminate some of your workload is to sell your PTA event tickets online. Make this year easier by eliminating cash handling, ticket printing, or both! The process couldn’t get any simpler than following these simple steps we just went through. Time to spread the Christmas cheer!

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