How to sell PTA event tickets online!

Start a free Payments Hub to sell tickets to your PTA event!

Here's what to do...

1. Create a free hub for your school community

2. Add a new event

3. Add the tickets and items you'd like to sell

4. Invite and assign any event organizers and add tasks

5. Share the link to your Event page!

We'll take you through each step.

1. Create a free Payment Hub for your school community

Create a free PlanSocial Payment Hub now in just 2 minutes. Enter the name of your school and PTA, and its location.

2. Add a new event

Enter a title and a brief description, then select 'Sell tickets online'.

You'll first be prompted to connect to your existing Stripe payment account, or we'll help you set up a new one. Stripe is a world renowned payment gateway that handles your transactions securely and reliably. You will need to provide your PTA's bank details, and a contact person. (If you also provide proof of your PTA's charity status you can benefit from reduced-rate Stripe fees.)

3. Add the tickets and items you'd like to sell

Next you can add tickets, the price, dates when tickets can be purchased and a maximum available quantity (if any), for each ticket type, or across the whole event.

You can also add other add-on items as extras to buy in advance, like food and drink or other merchandise to sell at PTA events like discos or movie nights..

Need to collect information when selling tickets, like the name and class of their child, any allergies etc. No problem? We have an incredibly flexible form-building capability with all the usual questions added at the flick of a switch!

Of course you can also add any custom questions you like to tickets or items. You won't find another ticketing system more suited to your needs as a PTA, and so flexible too!

4. Invite and assign any event organizers and add tasks

With PlanSocial, it's super-easy to track tasks that up to 20 core organisers can carry out. Delegate by assigning tasks to your volunteers, and assigning managers to specific events.

If you upgrade to the paid Community Hub plan, you can open up volunteering opportunities to all parents. You can even include a little description of whats involved, which will put newbies at ease. A few friendly words of encouragement will be sure to attract more new faces.

5. Add the event date to publish it, and share the link

Edit the date and save it. Then share the link with parents in your school, so they can purchase tickets safely using their debit or credit card from any device with a web browser (we're mobile responsive). They'll also be able to fill in any form information you've requested.

All the data is neatly compiled for you in a handy excel spreadsheet for easy retrieval and minimum fuss.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you hold credit card details for the donors?

No. The checkout is processed through the secure Stripe payment gateway without exposing or storing any credit or debit card details on our system. We only keep records of the person who donated, including their name, email address, amount donated, whether they opted to pay the processing fees, and any corporate matching information.

How long are the funds held for before being transferred to our PTA bank account?

Your Stripe dashboard will show you pending donations immediately and typically pays out lump sums with 2-3 working days on a rolling basis. This significantly reduces the risk of fraud as the funds are not held for any significant length of time, and are paid directly into your verified account.

Are there fees for these transactions?

There is no annual fee required to sell PTA event tickets or handle incoming PTA donations. A small transactional platform fee plus standard Stripe gateway fees apply (Verified non-profits may be able to use the reduced rate.)

In fact, the ticket purchasers pay for the processing fees as part of their transaction, so effectively the PTA receives the full amount paid. If you decide to upgrade to a with a paid Community Hub subscription , as well as gaining access to our group messaging and volunteering features, a reduced platform fee is applied to ticket transactions and donation. If you are unsure, we are happy to help you to determine the right fit for your PTA, and tell you more about the fantastic features that come with your hub.

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Supported currencies include USD, GBP, Euro and many others as listed here.

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