PTA Summer Fair Ideas

You’re busy organising events, rallying volunteers, not to mention raising a family… and probably working too! That’s why we figured you’d appreciate some help coming up with ideas for your summer fundraiser.

So we’ve scoured the internet and interviewed hundreds of PTAs to crowdsource the best ideas for your summer fair stalls. If you want to cut to the chase and dive into the ultimate list of summer fundraising ideas, then this is for you!

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PTA summer fair ideas - The Ultimate List from PlanSocial
PTA summer fair ideas - comedy photo booth, pony rides
PTA summer fair ideas - Golf, Darts, Wine & Prosecco Stalls
PTA summer fair ideas - Paper planes, pan for gold, popcorn stalls
PTA summer fair ideas - Henna Stall and Nail Bar
PTA summer fair ideas - Face Painting, treasure Hunt, Bubble Blowing
PTA summer fair ideas - Karaoke Room and Talent Show

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