Village School Fair, stress-free!

A PlanSocial Case Study

Friends of Quinton Primary School were looking for a way to get as many parents as possible helping with the Christmas Fair event in their small, rural village school. Hear how they got on when they launched PlanSocial to recruit their volunteers!

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The PTA Christmas Grotto, organised by Friends of Quinton Primary

Tell us about your PTA

We are an active group of parents fundraising in a small rural village primary school. It's easy to keep doing it all ourselves, but we felt it would be beneficial to all and make for a more successful event if we could get more parents involved in volunteering for our annual Christmas fair.

How did you introduce PlanSocial to your school parents?

Setting up PlanSocial for the Christmas Fair was an ideal opportunity to get to grips with the workings of it on a grand scale. It was promoted via an introduction letter and email and after two weeks, direct emails were sent to further promote parents signing up.

What was the reaction from parents?

The overall response was very positive and the usual volunteers loved the concept of the real-time online task rotas.  Within a couple of days of launching, half of the stalls were already manned by eager parents. A great result!

And what about the PTA committee members and core volunteers?

It was a bit of a no-brainer when the committee decided to try our PlanSocial to assist with organising the Christmas Fair.  It ticked all the right boxes for them: a stress free approach to planning an event; instant communication with their parents and a detailed outline plan of what was needed to make the event a success. 

What are the best benefits of PlanSocial?

It is extremely user friendly and a real pleasure to work with. Volunteers have a detailed outline of events, therefore knowing exactly what is needed. Parents have the option to volunteer for future events, without being pressured at the last minute.

It's a complete stress-free and user-friendly solution when it comes to finding volunteers for big events!

Where there any problems?

No, pretty smooth on the whole. Most parents found PlanSocial very easy to operate, and the online helpdesk enabled the committee to assist with any problems if people needed any help.

Ready to benefit from PlanSocial in your school?

Start a free hub now for up to 20 volunteers, sell tickets for your summer fair, and pre-sell food, drink and activity timeslots.

Upgrade if you'd like to get the whole school volunteering so you can enjoy the fair yourself with your family :)